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A comprehensive ESG audit tool to assess portfolios of Funds, ETFs, Equities, Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, Green and Social Bonds.

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How ESGeverything works

Import your portfolio

Upload your portfolio to discover its overall ESG rating and the detailed assessment of underlying investments on a scale 1-5.

Build or modify a portfolio

Use multiple filters to improve your portfolio or build a new one. Compare funds ESG ratings across asset classes and peer groups.

Analyse your ESG Audit

Generate an ESG report of your portfolio to understand what percentage of assets is sustainable, and which represent potential ESG risks.

Improve your rating

Use our tool to improve the ESG profile of your portfolio by swapping stocks or funds with more sustainable peers.

Create a report

Generate portfolios that are downloadable in Excel for further analysis or in PDF format for marketing purposes.

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Why use ESGeverything

Search ESG ratings easily

We offer access to extensive ESG ratings generated by our proprietary models developed over 10+ years of research

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See how it all fits together

ESGeverything helps investors understand where various ESG risks come from and how they can affect your overall portfolio

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Improve your ESG reporting

Optimise the ESG profile of your portfolio or adjust its Environmental, Social or Goveranance features to align it with your clients’ values

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The benefits of using ESGeverything


It provides a holistic view of the ESG profile of your portfolio and of the ESG risks that you face


It has been designed by investors for investors and for this reason is a pragmatic and easy to use tool for your day to day job


For many investors, ESGEverything will be the key tool to evaluate and improve their portfolios' sustainability profile!

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