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A comprehensive ESG audit tool to assess portfolios of Funds, ETFs, Equities, Corporate Bonds, Government Bonds, Green and Social Bonds.

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About ESGeverything

In leveraging on our 14 years of experience, MainStreet Partners has created ESGeverything, a cutting-edge platform designed to offer professional investors all the key tools needed to manage their environmental, social and governance risks, align with evolving sustainable regulation and of course, allocate capital in a truly responsible way.

From proprietary ESG ratings, exclusions, and controversial behaviour analysis to portfolio-level non-financial reporting solutions, ESGeverything makes compliance nothing short of a simple task for all our clients.

Blending industry expertise, portfolio analytics, strategic partnerships, and reliable data, we support our clients in addressing complex ESG challenges, and do so in a simple, yet incredibly impactful way.

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Search ESG ratings easily

We offer access to extensive ESG ratings generated by our proprietary models developed over 10+ years of research

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See how it all fits together

ESGeverything helps investors understand where various ESG risks come from and how they can affect your overall portfolio

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Improve your ESG reporting

Optimise the ESG profile of your portfolio or adjust its Environmental, Social or Goveranance features to align it with your clients’ values

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The benefits of using ESGeverything


It provides a holistic view of the ESG profile of your portfolio and of the ESG risks that you face


It has been designed by investors for investors and for this reason is a pragmatic and easy to use tool for your day to day job


For many investors, ESGEverything will be the key tool to evaluate and improve their portfolios' sustainability profile!

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How ESGeverything works

Regulatory solutions

With global regulatory landscapes ever-evolving, ESGeverything is equipped to streamline your ESG 
due-diligence and regulatory compliance, with simple solutions, that are all in one place.

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ESG Ratings

Managing your sustainability risks has never been so straightforward, with ESG analysis offered across equities, multi-asset funds, ETFs & Index funds and corporate, government, supranational and thematic bonds

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Exclusions and Controversial
Behaviour monitoring

Enrich your ESG due-diligence and screening activities with comprehensive exclusion and controversial behaviour monitoring tools that align to your sustainability preferences.

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Portfolio analysis and non-financial
reporting solutions

ESGeverything’s portfolio analysis tool is where we bring life to all platform solutions Offering an invaluable way to gain a 'sustainable oversight' of your entire portfolio and enhance your ESG reporting and regulatory compliance with the click of a button.

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